Dinner, online

Back when Bianca and I lived thousands of miles apart, we had to come up with creative ways to make the distance manageable. One of those ways was Skype, which we used as a way to have dinner together.

Bianca would e-mail me a list of ingredients along with a dumbed-down recipe for a healthy and successful meal. I would make my purchases after school and then call her when I got home so we could pour some wine and schedule a time to start cooking, that way our food would be done at the same time.

When we did it on our anniversary (or Valentines Day?), she wore a dress and I wore a collared shirt (and a pair of cut-off shorts and no shoes). It felt like a legitimate date. We had the exact same meal, the same wine, and we ate at the same time, while sitting across from one another.

This isn’t a picture of a meal we cooked, but I felt I should post a picture of some food. I ate this dish in Spain and it was damn good.

Anyways, those meals were pretty adorable, I’ll admit it. My roommates kind of made fun of me, but in a good way.

Here’s a picture I drew of Bianca while on Skype one time. I’m not a good artist, which is why her right arm looks like that of a linebacker in the sketch. I still like it, though.

She also drew a picture of me, with a mustache. She can add it later.

I think we made the absolute best of our time apart. We learned a ton about each other and about ourselves. It tested the relationship in a healthy way and made for some seriously memorable excitement whenever we got to see each other in person.

That’s why I’m really glad we didn’t video chat routinely everyday, for hours at a time, just to talk. These occasions are anchored in my memory as special occasions.

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One thought on “Dinner, online

  1. Rita Cregg

    I am LOVING this blog! Thank you both for sharing. You are both so…..( fill in all good words).

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