Where’s my fiance?

Bianca should be dominating this blog if you ask me. Where is she!

I spent all of last weekend with her and she took like six-hundred photos and talked about “Justin-&-Bianca” related topics 95 percent of the time. All of it would have easily qualified for this blog.

Honestly, I envisioned about a 70/30 contribution, in which she would handle the lion’s share. My job was to jump in from time to time and make sure things don’t spin off into la-la land or become too girly. What does she expect me to read if she doesn’t update regularly? Newspapers? Books? No thank you.

Anyways, this past weekend was awesome. We celebrated the Earthquake Festival in Winters with a bunch of friends and then camped in tents on my parents’ lawn. While we were there, we looked into some cool wedding ideas, took my dog to the lake and drank outdoor beers with close friends and family. It was awesome.

Next weekend we’re going to Yosemite. The weekend after that we’ll be in Lake Havasu. And then after that, on the 19th, we’ll drive up the coast to start a life in San Francisco together. Pretty unreal.

Also pretty blog worthy. Let’s hope Bianca gets in gear.

– Justin

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One thought on “Where’s my fiance?

  1. i think this is my favorite cooper picture.

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