One of my favorite Ecuadorian snacks

Not much of a food blogger. But this is so worth it. Yesterday during the day I had an intense craving for muchin de yuca. I think in english it would translate to yuca croquette. It is grated/mashed yuca root made into little fat patties filled with cheese and fried lightly.

My family and I drizzle honey over them and eat them as dessert. My dad makes them every once in awhile and its such a treat! So I bought some yuca root and had my dad teach me how to make them.

Muchin de Yuca and the Yuca root

The process is kind of labor intensive. It involves grating half of all your root then squeezing as much juice out as you can. I now have sore hands. The other half of the yuca is boiled then mashed. Its all then mixed together, pattied and cheesed then fried. My first time making this delicious snack was a success! You can pretty much stuff yuca with whatever you want, though I’ve never tried. Its super good AND is a good source of iron and contains some niacin and calcium.

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