Welcome to Winters Mom and Dad.

Sadly, this sign was vandalized by some idiots and no longer stands 😦

Justin and I have decided to get married in Winters, CA. It’s a super tiny town just 15 minutes away from Davis. They’re known for their town charm and walnuts. This is where Justin went to 3 years of high school and where is parents currently live. This also where our love story began. Which is why getting married here means so much to me.

My parents decided to come up last-minute to get to know Winters and take a look at the local venues. They stayed at the only accommodations located in Winters, the Abbey House Inn. My mom loved it.

Winters' Abbey House Inn

First, we started out showing them the community center in Downtown Winters. This was a location that Justin and I were totally happy with. Not only is it surrounded by trees and shrubs but it also overlooks Putah Creek and its lush riparian community.  On top of that it only costs $75 to rent out the space all day!! Total bargain.

Practicing at the community center

Vani giving Bri girly catwalk lessons on the Railroad Bridge

Since there are about 200 people on our guest list, we had to look at larger venues. Next, we checked out the Farm on Putah Creek which is home to the Center for Land-Based Learning, a non-profit organization that teaches kids about sustainable agriculture and natural resources conservation.

Farm on Putah Creek - 100 yr old olive trees

Hands down my favorite place so far and at the top of my list. All the money to rent the farm for our wedding would benefit the Center for Land-Based Learning kids programs. Love that.

The last place we looked at on their trip was a place my mom desperately wanted to check out, Bear Flag Farm. I had ruled it out because it was over my budget. Apparently, my mom has no budget in mind when it comes to her first-born miracle baby <3. How sweet. Still I was hesitant to look at it.

Also located in Winters, Bear Flag Farm is a working organic farm owned by the sweet and stylish Tina. They grow a variety of produce from olives to apricots to lavender. It is such a beautiful and romantic location. I got the sense that Tina was a complete foodie which made miss my old coworkers.

View of the guest room and sunken garden. A great location for a reception.

Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by fragrant lavender!

My parents left Winters having experienced the charm of small town life including a bluegrass show at the Palms Playhouse, dinners with Coxes and a scenic tour of Napa Valley. I am convinced they now understand why I can’t imagine getting married anywhere else.

New members at Beringer Winery... their White Zin is my mom's favorite.

Family Dinner

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