Taking the next step…

Justin and I spent the last weekend in Winters for a little r&r. We stopped by the farm and took a few pictures. It was really exciting imagining our wedding day there.  We also opened a honeymoon account at the local bank! YAY!

Justin and I started discussing honeymoon options a few weeks ago. The most important aspects of our ideal honeymoon are relaxation, nature, beach, the ability to speak Spanish and some exploration. We quickly realized that the one place we would LOVE to spend the beginning of our life adventure would be the amazing and breathtaking Galapagos Islands!

(source flickr)


So not only do we get to spend our honeymoon on one of the Earth’s most greatest natural treasures but I can also visit my family in Ecuador with my new husband (since we have to fly out of Ecuador to get to the Galapagos Islands). I know Justin would love the chance to get to know a little bit of Ecuador.

The next step would be looking into creating a honeymoon registry since we will need a little bit of financial help to get there. I hope our guests realize they would be contributing to the trip of a life time!!

A little fact: My mom went there when she was pregnant with me and witnessed a mass suicide of whales. So sad and so intriguing!

Another little fact: I visited the islands in 2008 and I never wanted to leave. Ever.

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