a perfect weekend.

My Saturday began earlier than expected waking up at 8:00 am. A day before I had called together my San Francisco girl friends for a dress fitting at Priscilla of Boston by Union Square. The third place I’ve been to for wedding dresses and by far the fanciest. There was only one dress that I was interested in trying. But I tried on 2 other less interesting (for me) dresses.

When I put on the last one, the one dress that I went in there for, it felt good. Not great, not this is “the dress,” or “I won’t want to take it off” type feeling. But then again I didn’t expect to get that feeling because it wasn’t my dress. My dress, “the one,” dress I can picture myself in on my wedding day comes from the labour of love of my Aunt Blanca, or Nani as we call her. She has gifted to me a hand made wedding dress!! So what I have found is the template of my wedding dress. But it is pretty much every thing I want without even knowing it. The girls felt the same way… it is perfect with some minor adjustments and detail changes.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a fun lunch at the Cheesecake Factory over looking Union Square.

We ended the day with a delicious pasta dinner at Leslie and Casey’s. While post dinner relaxing, Brianna let me feel her 20 week pregnant belly because the baby was moving around. Then I felt him/her nudge against my hand. It was SOO COOL! My little baby niece or nephew touched me! That was incredibly thrilling it almost made me cry. I am convinced it is a little baby boy in there and I already love him so much! We will see later this week if I’m right. 😉

So that was Saturday in the city. Justin and I spent a lazy Sunday morning eating breakfast in bed and reading Pablo Neruda and some Rumi poetry. After, we walked over to Golden Gate Park and enjoyed the warm sunny weather.

Justin is working on writing a novel this month for National Novel Writing Month. So we ended the weekend with a movie for me and writing for Justin.

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One thought on “a perfect weekend.

  1. This makes me laugh when I read it. I don’t know why, but you’re so funny! Nice little signature at the bottom of your post, by the way. When did you get that?

    Love, Prometido.

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