Justin’s to-do list

The most difficult part of my day is waking up and leaving Bianca asleep in my warm bed. It’s not that I’m terribly saddened to leave her; it’s that I would like to continue sleeping as well. (although she is a pleasure and I would prefer to stay with her).

I go about my workday with little communication with her until the middle of the afternoon, before she shuttles off to her nannying job. Throughout the morning, I occasionally wonder what she’s up to back home. It fascinates me. Is she rearranging our room? Stringing beads? Playing with the dog? Watching Lifetime movies?

I learned recently, however, that what she’s doing most of the time is  planning our wedding, which is kind of a big deal. She’s doing all the stuff that I’m happy to talk about, but have no desire to actually do. I’m  blown  away when she pulls up some long Excel spreadsheet loaded with addresses and game plans. It’s pretty amazing. Anyways, the time has come to me to take an active hand in a few departments. I know that only because today she gave me a checklist, which I’ll share with you now:

Don't ruminate too long on that final bullet; we're going to a baby shower next week.

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