Rest in peace, Ethel Gerbus

I remember visiting my great-grandma in the hospital during my freshman year at CSU Monterey Bay. She had recently fallen and injured herself, so she was laid up in a hospital bed. I took a detour from a Southern California road trip and brought my guitar along to play her some songs. When I said goodbye, she gave me a noteworthy hug, suggesting we better make it a good one, because it might be our last.

She said goodbye that same way for ten more years, until she passed away this past Friday at the age of 101. I should note that these goodbyes were done in a positive, care-free kind of way, like a person very much at peace with dying. It just so happens that she kept on living, and so she kept on saying these goodbyes.

Anyways, she was an amazing lady. I feel lucky to have known her. More photos can be found here and here’s a story about her love for sports, specifically The Dodgers and UCLA, written by my grandapa Marty. Oh, and here’s a video of my little cousin shaving off my mustache. Sound weird and irrelevant? Well, it was taken at her 100th Birthday party. Plus, this is her bloodline on display, at its best.

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