DIY reusing old candle wax for new candles

I am a candle lover and I plan on using lots of them at my wedding to bring in some mood lighting at an otherwise pitch black farm. To do this I have decided to reuse and recycle old candle wax that I usually toss and make them into cute tea cup candles. The tea cups of course will be recycled from thrift stores. The tea cup candle tutorial can be found here.

{via Elizabeth Ann Designs by Meg Perotti}

Check out Queen of DIY’s Reusing Old Candles post for tips on how to melt old candle wax.

On a similar note, my friend Amanda has a candle give away on her blog, Anywhere I go you go! All you have to do to win 3 soy candles is post a comment on the blog post here.


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2 thoughts on “DIY reusing old candle wax for new candles

  1. michelle fournier espinola

    Such a great and cute idea!

  2. Jennifer Sargent

    If you have any used candles or leftover wax you can send them to They will recycle it to make new candles and sell them for charity.

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