a day in our lives

The weather outside is beautiful. It has been raining for the last 5 hours straight. Justin and I are waiting till my tummy ache goes away then we will head downtown to meet up with my family. My parents are here in the city with some family from Ecuador. In the past week they have gone from Disneyland to the Hoover Dam to Vegas and finally here in San Francisco. They got here late last night and are leaving tomorrow.

I really don’t get how cramming all that sightseeing and traveling is enjoyable. Not my idea of a vacation.

Im looking forward to seeing my parents. I miss them. It will also be nice to show them around the city. My city. Plus I need to discuss wedding contracts with them.

We are getting a full moon tonight. The biggest in awhile. Justin and I are going to attempt to catch it on the rise. Maybe try the Golden Gate Bridge or Bernal Hill.

Visit nasa.gov for more on the super moon.






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