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davis flea market

today was my first time ever selling at a flea market. or selling for that matter. i sold mostly jewelry and dresses and a little bit in between. i came away with an armful of left overs and a bunch of cash. success.


i didn’t get much of a chance to wander around the market which i would have loved to do. my husband offered to watch over the booth but i declined. i was selling little memories of my life that other people would get to enjoy. i wanted to cherish every moment. i loved telling people the stories behind my stuff.

i was able to sell some of my own jewelry designs. i was sad to see some of the pieces go but so happy they had found a new, loving home! i plan on getting a booth again in the future. the people were great and the music was awesome. i feel like a missed out on so many great items by not taking time to explore. next month i will try to juggle both selling and shopping. i can’t wait.

also, i might be coming back with a couple of these:

manzanita branch jewelry holder


local art for the Davis Flea Market in Davis, CA

until next time!


my love for disco balls

… is intense.

i wanted one for my wedding…out in the middle of a farm.

i wanted one for christmas and ended up with a disco ball-ish new years dress (i’ll post it when i can get my hands on that picture).

so instead of buying one i decided to cut up my old (already broken) target mirror. i used a glass cutter and wore goggles. cuts weren’t perfect but i wasn’t going after perfect squares. i just wanted something that will sparkle our apt’s west-facing window.

after quite a bit of time scoring, snapping and cleaning i browsed the web for diy disco ball projects to see how others had done it and i came across thrift and threads’ disco ball shoes via the hipster home.

simply amazing.

i can’t wait to make my own.

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first time tia.

i am so in love with my little spirit child!

sleepy lavender

i am still enjoying the fragrance of my dried hidcote lavender bouquet i used in my wedding.

photo credit: John Carbahal

pan de yuca

i couldn’t get enough of them in ecuador.

so i researched how to make them and found that yuca is also known as tapioca, manioc root and cassava.

so at my local health food store i bought tapioca flour (which it’s really a starch) and i followed laylita’s pan de yuca recipe.

took them to the annual kamman family chanukah party and they were a hit!

my family has also been asking me for the recipe.

back to blogging!

this time it is only to keep track of all the cool things i find that inspire me and wow me.

i have way too many bookmarks saved so i figured i should just post them here.

like this:

those are pretty awesome cats and really cute eagles.

t minus 9 days and counting!

We are getting married! Doing last minute crafting and I can’t wait for the night of celebrating and dancing with all my favorite people!

Partying it up with the newest Moreno Family ❤

my bachelorette retreat

my friend Amanda posted it on her blog, IGoYouGo so here you GO!

sorry for the crickets

So totally and completely dropped the ball with this blog. Although, I am not the only one to blame. Justin hasn’t kept his part of the deal either.

So quick update, TONS of stuff going on. I have been working on all the little creative projects for the wedding. I would love to show you but I no longer have my digital camera. I’ll take film but you’re gonna have to wait.

That has been my absolute favorite part of planning this wedding. I didn’t plan on making all the little details, it just ended up happening and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Im getting married in less than 3 months! Don’t know the exact days. Not really that type of “count down” person.

Also, my biggest news of all…. we are moving to Davis!! Thats right, we are going back to where our love story first started. I have always seen us raising our little ones there (lovely little community) and now we are that much closer to having the life I have foreseen. I am thrilled… deep, deep inside. I am totally sad to be leaving San Francisco and my bestest friends and my Theo. I know that excitement will surface once I’m in the process of moving my life because I love Davis and Justin IS my life. But I think I deserve my mourning period.

This is an exciting time to be alive! – except for the gas prices.

Saw Devil Makes Three tonight. AMAZING. They will definitely play at the wedding.

my maids of honor

Vanessa, Sarah and I at Lake Berryessa

Yes, I am having more than one. Why? Cause I can!

Don’t we all look like sisters!

Vanessais my beautiful, stylish and awesome sister.

lovely vanessa at antelope valley poppy reserve

Vani and I celebrating a family member's 50th year anniversary!

Sarah… is a soul mate. She’s part of the family.

Sarah and I traveling through Peru

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