sorry for the crickets

So totally and completely dropped the ball with this blog. Although, I am not the only one to blame. Justin hasn’t kept his part of the deal either.

So quick update, TONS of stuff going on. I have been working on all the little creative projects for the wedding. I would love to show you but I no longer have my digital camera. I’ll take film but you’re gonna have to wait.

That has been my absolute favorite part of planning this wedding. I didn’t plan on making all the little details, it just ended up happening and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Im getting married in less than 3 months! Don’t know the exact days. Not really that type of “count down” person.

Also, my biggest news of all…. we are moving to Davis!! Thats right, we are going back to where our love story first started. I have always seen us raising our little ones there (lovely little community) and now we are that much closer to having the life I have foreseen. I am thrilled… deep, deep inside. I am totally sad to be leaving San Francisco and my bestest friends and my Theo. I know that excitement will surface once I’m in the process of moving my life because I love Davis and Justin IS my life. But I think I deserve my mourning period.

This is an exciting time to be alive! – except for the gas prices.

Saw Devil Makes Three tonight. AMAZING. They will definitely play at the wedding.


my maids of honor

Vanessa, Sarah and I at Lake Berryessa

Yes, I am having more than one. Why? Cause I can!

Don’t we all look like sisters!

Vanessais my beautiful, stylish and awesome sister.

lovely vanessa at antelope valley poppy reserve

Vani and I celebrating a family member's 50th year anniversary!

Sarah… is a soul mate. She’s part of the family.

Sarah and I traveling through Peru

a day in our lives

The weather outside is beautiful. It has been raining for the last 5 hours straight. Justin and I are waiting till my tummy ache goes away then we will head downtown to meet up with my family. My parents are here in the city with some family from Ecuador. In the past week they have gone from Disneyland to the Hoover Dam to Vegas and finally here in San Francisco. They got here late last night and are leaving tomorrow.

I really don’t get how cramming all that sightseeing and traveling is enjoyable. Not my idea of a vacation.

Im looking forward to seeing my parents. I miss them. It will also be nice to show them around the city. My city. Plus I need to discuss wedding contracts with them.

We are getting a full moon tonight. The biggest in awhile. Justin and I are going to attempt to catch it on the rise. Maybe try the Golden Gate Bridge or Bernal Hill.

Visit for more on the super moon.






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DIY reusing old candle wax for new candles

I am a candle lover and I plan on using lots of them at my wedding to bring in some mood lighting at an otherwise pitch black farm. To do this I have decided to reuse and recycle old candle wax that I usually toss and make them into cute tea cup candles. The tea cups of course will be recycled from thrift stores. The tea cup candle tutorial can be found here.

{via Elizabeth Ann Designs by Meg Perotti}

Check out Queen of DIY’s Reusing Old Candles post for tips on how to melt old candle wax.

On a similar note, my friend Amanda has a candle give away on her blog, Anywhere I go you go! All you have to do to win 3 soy candles is post a comment on the blog post here.

The Morenos love Michael Jackson

The Moreno family got The Michael Jackson Experience Wii game for Christmas. It has been the source of great pleasure in the months that have followed. On a separate note: I got a Flip video camera for Christmas. Combine these two gifts, and what you get is way too many Thriller videos on my hard drive. I didn’t want to be a total party pooper by simply deleting everything, so I strung some clips together in this video. (And then I deleted!)

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meet our photographers!

Dori and Jeff from Sun & Life Photography are our official wedding photographers! And I couldn’t be any more excited!!!

I love pictures, taking them, fixing them, looking at them! So one of the first discussions Justin and I had after getting engaged was how the wedding photographers were high priority on my list. They even came above “the dress!” Shocking, I know.

Since, the beginning I have been scouring wedding photography blogs, admiring the lovely pictures I would come across of blissfully happy brides and guests that are having the time of their lives. I want the love and happiness of our wedding day perfectly and honestly captured. And I LOVE candid shots! Well who better to trust than two photojournalist friends with a wedding photography business who have a green business philosophy. I can’t imagine anyone better to capture our special day.

Check out their blog!


DIY adding succulents to your bouquet

I can’t wait to try this for the wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.

Flora Grubb, based in San Francisco, gives step by step picture instructions found here.


Flower Duet also gives a helpful video tutorial.

bouquets I love



Flora Grubb


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wedding craft: centerpieces

I am not a fan of cut flowers. Especially the ones that travel long distances to get here. Not so earth friendly. So I have decided that the main part of the centerpieces will be potted. I will also include local cut flowers to add color. This is all I know about them so far:

  • succulents
  • lavender both dried and potted
  • moss
  • mason jar candles
  • fresh cut local wild flower in mason jars
  • mason jar terrariums I love terrariums and would enjoy making them. However, I’m not sure if they’ll fit.
  • christmas tree trunk slices (for table letters)

Here are some centerpieces that I like:

{image via Viva Verde}

{image via Wedding Aces}



a celebration of love

I love the idea of a love corner/table at the wedding honoring our families own celebrations of love and marriage as well as honoring those whose physical presence cannot join in the celebration but whose love continues to bless us every day.

{image via Snippet and Ink taken by Amanda Bevington}

{image via Blue Shoe Brides}

{image via My Wedding}

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